Does it matter if your advertising wins awards?



Advertising is famous for its awards.

More new ceremonies and shows pop-up every year.

A cynic might look at this and see an industry too fond of mutual back-slapping, self-congratulations and nights out.

And, yes, there’s a bit of that around.

But advertising awards are actually really important.

And they should be just as exciting for clients as they are for party-loving account handlers.

There’s a direct correlation between creatively-awarded advertising and long-term brand growth.

A report published by Thinkbox and the IPA in 2010 showed that creatively-awarded campaigns were up to 12 times more effective at increasing a brand’s market share.

Of course, they don’t work in isolation.

You also need a well-planned and insightful strategy as well as what Peter Field callsCreative Commitmentto really reap the rewards.

But there’s no doubt that creatively-awarded campaigns are good news for clients.

That’s why we’re so proud to be NI’s most-awarded advertising agency.

It’s not about blowing our own trumpet.

It’s about reassuring clients that these campaigns are working for them.

And showing them that the trust, time and effort they invested in this partnership is really paying off.

So we were delighted to be shortlisted for four Drum Roses Awards recently.

The Drum Roses Awards celebrate the UK’s best creative work from across the UK and the standard of competition is extremely high.

Our ‘Embrace a Giant Spirit’ campaign for Tourism NI was nominated in the Leisure, Travel & Tourism category.


Two campaigns for the Dept for Infrastructure, ‘The Signs’ and ‘Shared Space’, were nominated in the TV/Cinema Commercial Over 21 Seconds category.

The radio execution of ‘Shared Space’ was also nominated in the Radio Commercial category.

‘Shared Space’ radio ad

So fingers crossed we pick up a shiny award or two when the awards take place later this month.

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone at Genesis who worked on these campaigns.

And, of course, we need to thank our clients – none of these good things can happen without their support and collaboration.

Good luck to everyone nominated.