Retail planning can be a challenging process for media planners and buyers at the best of times.
But over the Christmas period? A whole different kettle of fish.

In our case, things can get particularly complex when dealing with a multi-channel Christmas campaign running across 12 weeks.

So how do make sure you get the results you need? Here’s some top tips from Maurisa, our Head of Media…

1. Know your Market & Target Audience
Understanding your market and target audience is crucial. Research their media consumption habits, preferences, and behaviours during the Christmas season as they may differ than normal. Are they more active on certain channels more than others? Knowing this helps you allocate resources effectively.

2. Stay Channel Neutral

It’s essential to be flexible with your media channels. Consumers engage with brands through various touchpoints. During the festive season, they may rely on certain channels more than they normally would, or creative might lend itself to certain channels over others to be the most impactful.

3. Be Agile
Agility is key, especially during the Christmas season. With digital being at the forefront for retail and other e-commerce brands, monitoring performance and adjusting in real-time is essential during this peak shopping season.

4. Build Strong Relationships with Media Owners
Collaboration with media owners in invaluable. You are both working towards the same goal of a successful campaign for the client!

5.Post-Christmas Engagement
Just because Christmas is over, it doesn’t mean that advertising should be! Following up with consumers in the post-holiday period assists in maintaining customer loyalty in the long term.

Anything else any fellow Media Planners would add to the list? We’d love to hear your thoughts.