The only thing that’s certain is change.

Consumer trends describe the changes that arises through the interplay of forces that shape our world and our experience of it.

These are the PESTLE drivers (political, economic, societal, technology, legal and environmental).

Consumer trends represent new opportunities for demand, and manifest in multiple ways – new products, services and ways of doing things.

The trick is how you harness trends to create demand.

Here’s 7 trends Genesis has profiled which will shape demand in 2023 (and beyond):

  1. Optimise my wellbeing: Encompassing physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health – as evidenced through the growth in bio-feedback technology, e-health and e-exercise.
  2. Augmented automation: Technology can enhance lives, including by simplifying them.But this is an ongoing journey to provide ever more intuitive user experiences – from voice-recognition through AI and machine learning tech (driving more relevant and personalised offerings) through to Web3 and The Metaverse.
  3. Valuing values: Consumers vote with their purses, choosing more socially conscious and purpose-driven brands that align with their own values and which are felt to be making a positive difference in the world (across a wide range of areas of concern).That helps consumers feel virtuous too – to the point of brands as facilitators to allow them to get actively involved.
  4. Simplify it for me: This describes a need for choice curation to connect with what matters in an ever more complex world with too much choice.Think digital tech that intuits or quickly connects you to what you will genuinely like – whether that’s entertaining content, holiday or fashion ideas, car insurance or even romantic partners.
  5. See the bright side: This is the backlash to living through a time of ‘permacrisis’ and the impact that has on our mental state.Increasingly, we seek out escape, light relief, optimism and joy-seeking.It’s about brands offering an alternative narrative – fun, hope, and humour.
  6. Something to believe in: In a post-truth world, where traditional authority systems have leached trust, consumers seek truth anchors and authenticity.They seek safety in numbers – wisdom of crowds (thus the importance of trusted online reviews).They want brands to believe in – which can help them feel less anxious, overwhelmed and more in-control.
  7. La Vida local: This describes post pandemic lives reimagined – and where joy of living truly comes from.It started during the pandemic, but many of us will continue to work from home, to shop and socialise locally – as we appreciate the value of our neighbourhood and connectedness to neighbours.

    – Stephen Bogan
    Managing Director

    We hope you found this insightful as you and your organisation prepare for 2023. If you did, get in touch – we’d love to hear your thoughts.