Social Media Belfast 2021 brought an array of speakers to the Europa Hotel in Belfast and the Genesis team was there to see it all (virtually, of course).

The format and faces were different this year but the core message of this conference is always consistent – good marketing principles will work.

Those principles float to the surface no matter which topic we’re deep-diving into.

So remember to know your audience, serve them what they want (not what you want to serve them), put your budget behind it, then learn, refine, repeat.

That won’t change, but Social Media 2021 did give us plenty of fresh insights too.

Here are seven key takeaways:

  • Data is your friend. Be strategic and use data to inform your strategy and to help you learn and improve.
  • Humanise your brand. A great way to do this is to show real people and give them a voice to tell their stories. Authenticity is powerful and human connections can be highly emotive and motivating.
  • Experiment with new creative formats like verticals, stories and emerging video formats. They could really help bring your creative to life and they’re much more engaging than a flat graphic. Just remember to keep them short and snappy.
  • Keep the content on-brand. It’s important to be creative and experimental but a consistent look and feel will always be important for impact and recall.
  • Give your content an accessibility sense-check. Effective colour contrasts, font sizes and descriptors help as many people as possible to access and enjoy your content.
  • Influencers can still work really well when you use them strategically. But start off small and use insight tools to understand their following and reach before working with them. Then learn and test as you go.
  • Use a multimedia paid strategy to help fuel your online media. Include as many relevant channels as your budget allows and tailor your creative to each one.

So that’s it, those are our key insights from Social Media Belfast 2021.

It was another great year full of new insights, new ideas and new technologies.

It also reminded us that social media is always evolving.

So don’t be afraid to give new things a go and experiment a lot.

Trust your gut, be creative and have fun with your content.

See you next year, guys!