Census Day is coming on March 21st.

It’s an incredibly important moment for Northern Ireland.

The survey only happens once every 10 years and it creates an up-to-date picture of life in Northern Ireland.

It’s also the first time Northern Ireland has ever had a ‘digital first’ census.

The census will help figure out how many people live here now, how they live and what services they need.

The data it collects can then help shape decisions on the future of healthcare, housing, transport and much more – which is why it’s so important everyone takes part.

Advertising to Everyone in NI

To make sure everyone knows about it, the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) asked Genesis to develop a fully integrated ad campaign.

The ‘It’s About Us’ campaign is appearing on screens, posters and pages.

It heroes the people and services that can be affected by the results of the census.


It appeals to a sense of personal and public duty in the audience to give them a clear sense of the importance of the census and how people can take part.

To reach every household in Northern Ireland, the advertising will have huge reach, frequency, cut-through and a motivating message.

The phased campaign will evolve over the coming weeks and months as Census Day approaches and the urgency to complete it increases.

Fully integrated ad campaign

The fully integrated campaign has launched and will be rolled out across TV, radio, outdoor, press and digital from 22 Feb.

So keep your eyes peeled for the campaign.

And, of course, remember to complete your census once your access code arrives in the post.

Just visit census.gov.uk/ni