Our guide on what to do before the current Google Analytics disappears

Since 2012, most business have monitored their web traffic and online performance through Google Analytics.

It helped us make important business decisions and became a trusty old companion in our marketing efforts over the past decade (which is a century in digital marketing years).

But Google recently announced that our analytical ally is being phased out over the next year to be replaced by the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

From July 2023, the old Google Analytics (now known as Universal Analytics) will no longer process data.

So we’ll all need to get familiar with GA4 very quickly to make it a smooth transition and avoid any disruption to our business.

To help make that process as painless as possible, we’ve created a little guide that shows you exactly what you need to before the Universal Analytics disappears.

You can download our free guide below.


FREE guide to Google Analytics 4

Get up to speed before Universal Analytics disappears.