A focus on first party data collection

With Google moving away from 3rd party cookies in the second half of 2024, companies need to be focusing more on their first party data collection in 2023, than ever before.

There is a massive element of responsibility when it comes to this data collection, privacy, and personal data.

The industry is seeing how positive experiences can make the difference between winning or losing a customer for a brand.

2022 research by Google and IPSOS conducted with European consumers shows that 43% of people say they’d switch from their preferred brand to a second-choice brand if the latter provided a good privacy experience.

So brands must not only build up their data, but must also focus heavily on their approach, as this can make a huge difference to customer loyalty.

If you are not laying the groundwork for these upcoming changes, as well as aligning your privacy policy approach to respond to the consumer, you will slowly fall behind in the competitor landscape in 2023.

– Lyndsey Doherty
Head of Digital

The continuation of the creative golden thread

Successful and effective campaigns will always have a creative golden thread that connects all the media elements.

Whether this is TV, out of home, radio or digital, they all need a simple single-minded expression that will work specifically on any media format.

And when I say ‘simple,’ I don’t mean that it is ‘easy.’

In fact, this is the most difficult part of any campaign – where we look to distil everything down to the very essence of what we need to say, in order to create an effective and engaging campaign platform.

2023 will bring more challenges, more media formats and more competition for campaigns to stand out among the noise.

However, the principles will always remain the same and that crucial golden thread must run through every single campaign.

We will always work closely with our clients to ensure their objectives are met effectively with some #genesisgoodthinking.

Bring it on.

– Darren Lyttle
Creative Director

A time of change in the TV industry


We are at a time of change in the TV industry.

It’s vital that TV companies continue to evolve by providing commercial opportunities for advertisers to reach NI audiences on the likes of ITVX, All4, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, Apple TV, UKTV, Paramount, Britbox & Disney Plus.

With the cost of living crisis, Linear TV will continue to be the bedrock of the nation’s viewing and free to view channels will flourish.

Netflix is expected to lose another 200,000 subscribers in 2023, whilst Disney is the only major SVOD to carry on adding swathes of new customers with an expected 1.4 million UK viewers to sign up this year.



In 2022, UK Commercial radio achieved a record audience reach of 38 million people each week and its highest ever share of listening at 51%.

This is cause for optimism for radio.

However, we can’t afford to be complacent.

A quarter of all radio listening is online and so radio industry specialists are lobbying with Government to establish a set of ground rules on how radio content can be offered, accessed and commercialised.

A Media Bill addressing this is now expected in 2023.



 With improved geographical coverage, OOH has never been more flexible in its ability to reach consumers in the right place, at the right time with the right message.

Significant investments are forecast in technology systems such as ECOS (specialist data led planning system) and Liveposter Verify (new digital verification system), bringing more accountability and quality assurance to client campaigns.

– Wendy McWilliams
Media Director

We hope you found this insightful as you and your organisation prepare for 2023. If you did, get in touch – we’d love to hear your thoughts.