Christmas is about emotion.

Big brands are about emotion too, because emotion sells by embedding new positive memories and associations in people’s minds about a brand.

This is what John Lewis Christmas ads aim to do for the brand. 

And this year, their alien crash-landing ad pulls it off with aplomb.

It’s a sumptuously shot piece of nostalgia-inducing escapism – echoing ET, Superman and Stranger Things.

It’s really about witnessing the magic of Xmas anew, as well as the magic of a first love – which taps into a rich and universal seam of sentiment.

The young female alien crash lands to earth. Meets a boy. Bonds. Fixes her spacecraft. Then leaves.

All while weaving in some choice John Lewis Christmas products into the narrative. 

The evocative ethereal version of ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ is a perfect foil, further tugging at our heart-strings.

Given the 18 months we’ve had, the message of the ad (and John Lewis) isn’t alien to us – recognise and embrace the magic of Xmas.

And each other.