A Zoom chat with Ulster University’s ‘Best First Year Advertising Student’

The Ulster University School of Communications Awards were a little different this year but the talent was as strong as ever.

We’re proud to sponsor the ‘Best First Year Student Award’ and it was great meeting this year’s winner Ciara Madden for a chat on Zoom instead of at the usual awards ceremony. Here’s what Ciara had to say,

“A few months ago I completed my first year studying Communications, Advertising and Marketing at Ulster University, and I was delighted to discover recently that I had been awarded the Genesis Prize for marks achieved in my Advertising module. 

“My first year of study has been an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. Not only has it heightened my interest in the advertising and marketing industry; it has taught me the importance of having a deep understanding and appreciation of your audience, as well as how effective research can fuel the creative process. 

“As such, to be recognised by an industry-leader such as Genesis, who epitomise these elements through consistently thought-provoking creative, is a huge honour.”

Well done again Ciara. We’re looking forward to seeing what you do next.