The PHA just launched a brand new campaign, with the help of Genesis, to support people in watching their weight.

Being overweight has a negative effect on our health and the NHS.

So it’s good for everyone if we’re all keeping our waistlines within a healthy range.

But losing weight is daunting for most people.

They imagine eating only lettuce for months on end or enduring hours of intense exercise every day.

Thankfully, that’s not necessarily required.

One of the most simple and effective steps you can take to losing weight is to reduce your portion sizes.

Simply having smaller portions of the food you already love is a great way to help manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable and (most importantly) enjoyable way.

The idea for this campaign’s creative was based on a universal truth – that moment when we realise our favourite clothes suddenly feel a bit more snug than usual.

You look down and there’s a gaping hole between your buttons as they take a bit more strain than they’re used to.

We noticed that gap in your shirt actually looks like a little mouth, which gave us our idea – your clothes are trying to tell you something.

We brought those “mouths” to life, giving them voices and personalities.

They spoke to the person wearing the clothes and tried to encourage them to try smaller portion sizes.

On the TV execution, we made the “mouths” talk using puppetry, rather than CGI, because it adds warmth and personality, and the tone was light and playful so as not to appear judgemental or harsh on a topic that could be sensitive.

The radio ad was narrated by a once-beloved shirt who was now feeling the pressure, while the OOH featured close-ups of the “mouths” asking for smaller portions.

Across digital, the ‘mouths’ are now filing newsfeeds and advertising networks in a multitude of different ways.

The campaign launched on Dec 27th 2021 across TV, radio, outdoor and digital.