Our long-term client Barista Bar is Northern Ireland's favourite coffee-to-go brand – and they were getting excited for Santa!

As Christmas approached, they wanted to spread some cheer with their new Christmas cups. They already had the cups, complete with cute illustrations crafted in-house. Now they just need a campaign to go with it, which is when they turned to us.


The Ask:

When Barista Bar approached us, they wanted a compelling campaign to showcase the new cups and reach 50% of the Northern Irish adult population. So we stuck Mariah on Spotify, dished out the mince pies and started thinking.

The Challenge

Creating a campaign that resonated with such a diverse audience wasn't a breeze. But we got busy. While brainstorming ideas, we studied the new cups, their illustrations and thought about the stories they were trying to tell.

Suddenly, an insight hit us. Everywhere you look at Christmas, people carry those iconic Barista Bar cups. While Christmas shopping, picking out their tree, strolling through a snowy park. Barista Bar's hot drinks are actually part of those Christmas stories too.

Our Approach

Cue "Every Cup Tells a Story" – a creative concept centred around the adorable illustrations on the new cups. We crafted captivating back-stories for the illustrations and rolled them out across video, radio, AR and animation. This minor brand activation quickly transformed into a full-fledged brand campaign.

We had to inspire those sentimental festive vibes in a wide audience, with 8 social posts spread over 3 weeks. To boost engagement, we used feed, story, and reel placements, as they performed well in past campaigns. We also optimised them with day-parting for the morning when coffee sales were highest.



It paid off! The campaign exceeded the client's goals. We reached well over 50% of NI adults and delivered a 20% uplift in average search volume, proving the impact of our cross-channel approach. Our innovative animations and AR assets also out-performed their benchmark engagement rates.

Job done. Time for a well-deserved coffee break.