Genesis loved teaming up with long-time client Henderson Group on their revamped food-to-go brand, ‘Delish’. Building on their new name and design, we had to help them take the brand further with new market positioning, eye-catching designs and impactful messaging.

The Ask

After a recent brand makeover, Henderson Group asked us to help position and develop Delish, with a new strategy and assets that would include in-store POS, packaging, digital and more.

Delish BURRITO-banner

The Challenge

We were tasked with developing a fresh and engaging expression for the new brand. So, we had to pinpoint what was distinctive, meaningful and credible about it. We wanted to widen its appeal without alienating existing loyal customers. And not only that, we also needed to create something versatile to accommodate a range of sub-brands and diverse products that would roll-out over time.


Our Approach

We were as meticulous as always in our research and development process, which produced the carefully-crafted brand expression: “Real good food. Fast.” This spoke to the hearty, tasty range and the convenience customers needed, so this line was right on the money. From there, we constructed a robust brand infrastructure that included everything from core brand values to a playful brand voice to eye-catching in-store signage and much, much more.


The outcome is a strong, future-proofed brand and a very happy client. The revamped approach to Henderson's food-to-go offering has been a big hit with customers since it launched in May 2023. The carefully designed in-store elements and strategic point-of-sale materials supercharged product visibility, foot traffic and sales. So it's a win-win for Delish, Henderson Group and the team at Genesis.