We worked with Dept for Infrastructure to try to help make all road-users a little more vigilant and empathetic – whether they’re driving, cycling or walking.


The Challenge

The Dept for Infrastructure, which is responsible for NI’s roads, wants more people to cycle. But there are several barriers to this happening, including perceptions of safety and drivers’ negative attitudes towards cyclists. Together, we had to develop a campaign to address this.


Our Approach

Our research showed an urgent need to ‘humanise’ road-users in each other’s eyes.

The campaign had to be a reminder that there are real people near you on the road, sometimes just inches away, and their safety often depends on you.

Our TV execution highlighted potential flashpoints between road-users, then uses a clever CGI transition to bring both parties together to talk it out.

DFI_Cycle Safe_Jan 2019_157
DFI_Cycle Safe_Jan 2019_157


The campaign ran across NI TV, OOH, radio, digital, press and more.

Research reported that 85% of drivers surveyed said the campaign persuaded them to drive in a more considerate way towards cyclists.

Meanwhile, 79% of cyclists said it influenced them to cycle more safely.

And to top it off, one of the campaign’s radio ads even won silver at the prestigious Drum Roses Awards 2021.

Persuaded 85% of drivers to be more considerate towards cyclists