'The Signs' was a fully integrated advertising campaign which helped make NI's rural roads safer by persuading drivers to take more care.

DFI Rural roads

The Challenge

In NI, rural roads are by far the most dangerous. That’s where most deaths and serious injuries happen. Our client, the Dept of Infrastructure, asked us to step in and help persuade people to slow down and take more care so fewer people get seriously hurt or killed.


The Solution

Our research with drivers uncovered a problematic ‘rural driving style’ and explored ways to tackle it. The insights from that shaped our strategy and inspired our creative idea.

Our idea centred around the broken glass, tyre marks and debris we often see on the road. These are warning signs, reminding drivers that devastating collisions happen regularly on rural roads.

The best part of the idea is that this ad kept working long after the campaign ended – the road debris became an ever-present reminder to drive safer.

DFI Rural roads


Tracking research showed that 93% of drivers surveyed said the advertising influenced them to drive more safely on rural roads.

This was the highest influence score ever recorded for road safety advertising in Northern Ireland. And the TV execution of the ad even won a silver award at the Drum Roses Creative Awards 2021.

Genesis The drum roses AWARDS-BADGES-Silver

93% of drivers were persuaded to drive safer