Since launching in NI in 2018, and recently entering the North of England market, Fibrus has been raising the bar for fast and reliable broadband across towns and rural areas.

The Ask

Our team was tasked with creating an engaging and memorable new brand positioning and communications platform that would set Fibrus apart in the eyes of consumers, encouraging them to switch broadband provider.

Our Approach

We created a multi-media campaign that dramatises the sub-standard broadband experiences consumers put up with. Whether it's slow, unreliable broadband, mid contract price hikes or poor service, the campaign shows these experiences in other real-life situations where people just wouldn't tolerate it. We created a suite of brand AV ads, as well as OOH, press radio, digital and social executions based on the premise ‘you wouldn't put up with it here, so don't put up with it with your broadband.’ This tells consumers that they deserve and can have better with Fibrus - Broadband done right!

The Challenge

The broadband market is a saturated one. It’s competitive, full of technical jargon and often associated with mediocre performance and poor customer service. Research shows that consumers simply ‘put up’ with their substandard broadband, often not even realising how bad it truly is.


The campaign launched on 19th June 2023, so results are not available yet. However, extensive testing suggests that consumers should love our new ads! We look forward to sharing these soon.