With the chilly season rolling in, we had this cool idea that helped Barista Bar warm up everyone's Christmas

The Ask

Barista Bar came to us with a simple Christmas wish: create a festive brand campaign to highlight their new Christmassy cups and keep Barista Bar top of mind when people are out and about in the wintry weather.

The Challenge

Here’s the thing – every advertiser is trying to grab attention during the holidays. So we needed to whip up something for Barista Bar that wasn't just another festive ad lost in the crowd.


What if we played around with the whole frosty winter vibe? We thought, let's contrast the chilly outdoors with the comforting, frothy goodness of a Barista Bar coffee. Frost outside, froth inside – kind of catchy, right?


We ran with this frosty vs. frothy idea and had some fun with it. Our ads showed those iconic Barista Bar cups with the froth styled just right and clever little headlines that make you grin: "December's forecast: frothy"

Then, we thought, why not get Frank Mitchell, the legendary NI weather guy, to give our own twist on a weather warning – so he helped us out on radio and across digital platforms.

We even decked out stores with cute, melted snowman props, because even Frosty the Snowman can't resist a Barista Bar flat white.

Our Creative Director, Darren Lyttle, said, “The beauty of this campaign is its simplicity. It's incredibly important that campaigns are single-minded. Our job is to land a message effectively, but the audience is bombarded with marketing messages every day, especially at Christmas. Only strong, clear and simple messages get noticed or remembered. So you have to say one thing and say it well."