Genesis has worked with Irish Distillers for two decades, developing brand packaging for Paddy, Jameson, Powers, Cork Dry Gin and Crimson Gin. So they knew they could trust us when the time came to rebrand their famous Green Spot single pot still whiskey.


The Challenge

The beloved whiskey wasn't changing, but the brand needed to evolve. Green Spot needed a premium brand identity to reflect the quality of the product. It also need a new brand architecture that could accommodate future releases into the product family.

greenspot-detail 2

Our Approach

We used an innovative brand development process, involving workshops with clients and whiskey aficionados, to explore and test brand designs.

The concept audiences loved best was based in an authentic brand story. Coloured paint was traditionally dabbed on casks identify each of the company's whiskeys. So that became spot of paint became the cornerstone of the new brand. This design code also let us introduce special edition releases: Green Spot Chateau Leoville Barton and Green Spot Chateau Montelena.



The re-brand led to a 40% increase in sales. Distributors & customers reported that the brand felt like an ‘easier sell’ now that the quality of the brand matched the quality of the whiskey. The rebrand also helped open up new markets for Green Spot and helped make a huge success of the special edition releases.