On this project, Genesis turned the tables on traditional advertising. We took a brief for a TV advert and transformed it into a rich digital-first campaign.

The Challenge

Negative press coverage in recent years had harmed the popularity of red meat. But people didn’t necessarily have the full story, particularly when it came to Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQA) beef.

NIFQA beef is reared with these ethical and environmental issues in mind, and it’s among the best quality meat in the world. So our campaign had to highlight the benefits of NIFQA beef, address misconceptions, and help people learn the truth about our beef.

Our Approach

We followed local chef James Devine on a fact-finding roadtrip across NI. Along the way he interviewed a local farmer, a chef, an environmentalist and a nutritionist – and he rustled up some tasty dishes too.

But a traditional TV ad couldn’t do this adventure justice. So we turned it into a digital-first campaign. The traditional TV ad became a trailer for the beautifully-shot video diary. The advert encouraged viewers to follow James’s journey online, which is where our digital campaign came to life across multiple channels.



We got the Truth About Beef out there, with the campaign achieving over 4.5 million impressions across the various digital channels. We reached 433k Facebook users, 257k on Instagram, generated 200k paid search impressions and drove 12,000 new users to the website.

4.5 million impressions across digital platforms