Our 'Don't Pass it On' campaign helped reduce COVID-19 complacency on behalf of The Executive Office, NI's local government.

The Challenge

Coronavirus is invisible to us. The symptoms can be invisible too – a large percentage of people who have the virus don't show any symptoms at all. That's part of the reason so many people let their guard down and why the virus is so easily transmitted. So The Executive Office asked us to help.

Our Approach

Our 'Don't Pass it On' campaign challenged public complacency by making the threat of coronavirus visible and visceral. We created a monochrome world where the only colour comes from coronavirus, which we dramatised as a luminescent blue substance.

This blue virus is visible on the breath and fingerprints of people in the ad. It's everywhere the viewer looks and, because it's shot in 1st-person perspective, it feels uncomfortably immersive and makes the threat much more present and real.


Around 88% of people surveyed agreed that the campaign stood out and was noticeable, while 84% agreed that the campaign “would persuade me to take steps to protect myself and others from coronavirus infection.”

Persuaded 84% of viewers to behave in a safer way