NIE Networks asked us to help position them as a great place to work with a fantastic work environment.


Research showed many people didn’t consider working at NIE Networks. They either didn’t know much about the company or thought it was old-fashioned and not a good match for them.

These days, potential recruits are also increasingly savvy about the type of employer they want to work for, and they’re good at identifying employers who really deliver versus those who pay lip service.

Our aim was to promote NIE as a progressive and supportive employer and to prove it.

So, we developed a carefully planned and targeted campaign that felt fresh and modern, and landed a targeted and persuasive message through a media laydown that optimised reach across NI.


Idea: ‘People like you’

Our concept, ‘people like you’ gave us a foundation to resonate and connect with potential recruits in multiple ways.

We used eye-catching headlines and modern, fresh imagery featuring real members of the company’s diverse workforce. Where possible, we also emphasised the company’s 97% staff retention rate as evidence of their great working environment.

We also created two stands for the campaign. Strand One focused on brand awareness and positioning, while Strand Two was more tactical to accommodate specific roles and vacancies.


Our messaging was crafted to be flexible and catch the reader’s attention by feeling personal, highlighting key qualities and values that the target audience and brand share. It can also be tailored to specific roles and market segments, while still creating a consistent and effective brand message.


We chose Akzidenz Grotesk, a modern and sleek font, to give the campaign a fresh and forward-looking style. This font, used in both condensed and extended forms, adds a dramatic and eye-catching effect to the campaign’s design.


We developed a distinctive graphic element and typographic treatment using elements of the NIE Networks logo and their secondary typeface. This gave us an adaptable device for communicating key messages.

The device also interacted subtly with key imagery to add depth to visuals and draw attention to the photographic subject.

Photography & Treatment

We featured a diverse range of people to challenge the viewer’s expectations and assumptions about both NIE Networks and the specific roles that they were hiring for.

These visuals helped position NIE as modern, youthful and energetic through their use of colour, light and mood and reinforced brand associations through brand-coloured light sources.

Out Of Home




20s Script


VO: NIE networks hires people like you.

Barrier-breaking, history-making, planet-saving, trail-blazing, people like you.

And because we’re an inclusive, supportive and forward-thinking employer, 97% of our staff stay with us.

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