‘Organ Donation Week’Organ Donation NI asked us to help make the most of their social media channels and boost their follower numbers during Organ Donation week.

The Challenge

11 people in NI died last year waiting on a transplant. Partly because only 50% of the population have signed the NHS Organ Donation Register. So Organ Donation NI wanted our help to raise awareness and build their audience by increasing their following on social media.

Our Solution

We knew from experience and research that personal testimonials always make an impact with this type of topic. Nothing motivates an audience like seeing real people in need of their help.

So we crafted a strategic content plan for Organ Donation Week that focused on these highly emotive testimonials, as well as content that addressed key audience barriers and we recruited influencers to help amplify the message.


It worked. The campaign outperformed its estimated KPIs. It earned our client over 70% growth across all social channels, delivered a quarter of a million impressions and reached over 120k local people.

70% increase in followers