Empowering mums to breastfeed wherever they need to and challenging outdated and unhelpful attitudes that still exist in sections of our society.

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The Challenge

Breastfeeding rates in NI are historically low. Outdated attitudes towards feeding (especially public feeding) were a huge part of the problem. But breastfeeding has important health benefits for both mums and babies.

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Our Approach

Our research showed us that our campaign had to help give mums the confidence to feed their baby wherever and whenever needed – and to challenge unhelpful attitudes among the general public.

Our creative idea that emerged from that strategy was based on a real human insight. We apologise a lot when we're out and about. We might bump into somebody, step on a toe, block someone’s path, inconvenience them. So we say ‘sorry’. But one thing mums should never apologise for is breastfeeding in public. We conveyed that with images of a proud breastfeeding mum and two simple words: 'Not sorry'.


Tracking research showed that after one burst of activity, 75% of NI adults were aware of the campaign and 73% said it made think more positively about breastfeeding. Importantly, 80% of mums-to-be and new mums said they felt encouraged to breastfeed in public.

80% of mums felt better about breastfeeding in public