The Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland tasked Genesis with creating a new campaign to encourage people to eat healthy portion sizes.

The Challenge

Our job was to explain to people that eating smaller portions of the food you already love is a great first step towards reducing your weight in a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way.

Our Solution

When your shirt is a little overstretched, that gap between your buttons starts to look like a little mouth, which gave us our idea.
We made the "mouths" talk using puppetry. We gave them voices and personalities. And in their own playful way, they encouraged their owners to try smaller portions for the sake of their health (and buttons).
So we crafted a strategic content plan for Organ Donation Week that focused on these highly emotive testimonials, as well as content that addressed key audience barriers and we recruited influencers to help amplify the message.


The campaign launched in late December 2021, so at the time of writing we don't have any results. However, based on the positive pre-testing feedback, we are very excited to see how it performs.