In the run-up to Christmas 2020, we devised SPAR's 5th annual '12 Deals of Christmas' campaign – and it out-performed every other year to date.

The Problem

Every year for the past five years, SPAR has challenged us to come up with a bigger and better '12 Deals of Christmas' idea than the year before. In a fiercely competitive space, it was vital our idea had cut-through and captured the imagination of shoppers.

Our Approach

We created a concept that brought the products themselves to life. Not only did we give them loads of local character, we also made them 'audition' for their spot in the 12 Deals of Christmas in an X Factor style competition. Each audition became the advert for that particular product.

12 deals of christmas


This annual campaign keeps performing exceptionally well for our client, and 2020 was the most successful yet. It generated a 57.5% sales increase over 2019 and over 75% of people surveyed said it made them shop in our client's stores more often.

57.5% sales increase