This Social Media Day, we’re celebrating how social media has changed (and continues to change) our daily lives and how we communicate with each other.

Hear from Chris, Karissa and Caelim on their favourite social campaigns from the past 6 months, where our team have embraced innovative new features and platforms to achieve brilliant results for our clients…

Experimenting with AR

Barista Bar have a loyal base of customers who regularly engage with the brand on social media. Wanting to build on this, we brainstormed how we could encourage Barista Bar coffee drinkers to promote the new Christmas cups in a creative way. Bringing in the use of AR, we were able to get users to place an animated 3D Barista Bar cup in creative locations, and then asked them to send in their picture of it. This was great way to get people excited about the new cups and helped create unique user generated content for the brand. This content achieved KPIs in terms of reach and maximising visibility, users actively engaged with the AR filter and we saw an uplift in weekly brand search volume while the campaign was live.

Influencer success story

Our client NI Water wanted to recruit young people between the ages of 16 and 35 for their Entry Level and Higher Level Apprentice Academy. Knowing the power of influencer partnerships, we teamed our client up with radio presenting duo Jordan Humphries and Gerry Lavery, who put their own comedy twist on the recruitment campaign. And it worked! The video received brilliant engagement and more importantly, NI Water received their highest ever number ever of applications for their Apprentice Academy.

Native content gets results

To reach younger males struggling with their mental health, we needed to clearly communicate the ‘signs’ of emotional distress, in a way that was engaging and relevant to our audience. Using TikTok and Snapchat, we featured a young male from the TV ad and captured content using an iPhone, so that it didn’t look too ‘polished’ but instead looked native to the platform. TikTok and Snapchat were the most engaged and efficient social platforms during this campaign and contributed to an uplift in traffic, awareness and recall of the Lifeline service.

Thanks for reading and we hope you found this helpful. Happy Social Media Day!